Why Specify Natural Stone

Stone is a natural choice where aesthetics are a key decision making factor. Sufficiently adaptable to enable it to be used either structurally or cosmetically, natural stone has passed the test of time.

The success of natural stone as a building material is demonstrated by an architectural legacy stretching back over thousands of years. No other material comes close to matching the unique attributes that quality natural stone can demonstrate. Highly durable, aesthetically pleasing and incredibly versatile, natural stone products have not only stood the test of time but remain the material of choice for prestige contracts and where quality is the key measure of the finished project.

Highly Durable

Natural stone products can possess the physical strength to provide a complete constructional system solution. Resilient to the elements and the passage of time, stone is a perfect choice where a robust material is required.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Few building materials can match the aesthetic appeal of stone. The material of choice for monuments, sculpture and street furniture, stone is equally ‘at home’ enhancing the facade of a stately residence as it is gracing a national landmark.


Natural stone can provide seamless continuity across a construction project – from the physical structure itself to boundary walls, internal & external flooring and hard landscaping features.