UKCA Marking

Whilst natural stone products are routinely supplied to European Standards, UKCA Marking is only applicable to materials supplied to those European Standards which are “Harmonised”.

There are many BS EN Standards covering the supply of natural stone, not all of which are harmonised. Two examples of non harmonised standards are BS EN 1467 Natural Stone Rough Blocks and BS EN 12059 Natural Stone Products – Dimensioned Stone.

Harmonisation is not a matter of scale, the entire Readymix Concrete Industry operates to the Non Harmonised Standard BS EN 206/1. Products which are “Individually manufactured or custom made in a non series process in response to a specific order and installed in a single identifiable construction work”, are routinely supplied to BS EN Standards but are outside the scope of mandatory UKCA Marking even where these standards are harmonised. It is difficult to generalise which Projects or which Products within those Projects might be within scope of UKCA Marking. Whilst there is a binding obligation for UKCA marking under the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) (EU) No 305/2011, there is no provision to apply this obligation where the products are outside the scope of the regulations. Specifiers and Customers should understand that Blanket UKCA Marking is inappropriate.

The Declaration of Performance and UKCA Certificates are not fitness for purpose documents, they are simply a declaration of values required by the relevant BS EN standard, verifying constancy of performance. The information set out in our Declaration of Performance and UKCA Certificates is based on 3rd party accredited laboratory tests to determine the characteristics of the mineral and routine factory control systems.

UKCA Marking is not a substitute for tried and tested Specification and Testing Methodologies, but will provide greater transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain. Declaration of Performance for JWQ products will be available via this Web Site, whilst UKCA Certificates will be provided on request where applicable. As a considerable proportion of the orders for natural stone products make no reference to EN Standards, the following table sets out how we at JWQ interpret the various standards and which standards we would
associate with items within our product range.

EN Standard Scope Harmonised Standard UKCA Applicable JWQ Product Range Comments
1467 Blocks – Ex Quarry N N Y
1468 Slabs with two sawn faces and sawn six sides blanks for working by others N N Y
1469 Non load bearing sawn six sides Cladding to be fixed to and supported by a structure Y Y Y
12057 Tiles less than 12mm thick Y Y N
Flooring and stair coverings thicker than 12mm
For internal use
For external use
For external use we would supply to EN 1341
12059 Structural and bespoke masonry – lintels, cills, columns, parapet masonry, works of art, copings, surround to openings straight and curved N N Y
771 Sawn bed, split or pitch faced walling and coursed random walling Y Y Y
1341 External Paving Y Y Y This standard does not cover structural steps
1342 External Setts Y Y Y
1343 External Kerbs Y Y Y