The Old Rectory

Johnsons Wellfield supplied Crosland Hill Natural Hard Yorkstone to The Old Rectory, a large three acre country garden in Northamptonshire designed by Anoushka Feiler of Bestique Garden & Landscape Design. In keeping with the property’s history and its religious setting, the objective was to create an 18th Century ‘perfect’ garden.

Throughout this garden elements of 18th Century design have been given a contemporary twist through the use of modern materials, sculpture, planting and furnishings.

Crosland Hill Natural Hard Yorkstone has been utilised all the way through this landscape project. The highly durable, aesthetic and incredibly versatile material provides the perfect execution of the stepping stones, coping stones, steps and extensive paved areas that create this truly special garden which is in essence a sanctuary for entertaining and relaxation.

Stone Supply: Johnsons Wellfield
Garden Design: Anoushka Feiler
Photography: Jacqui Hurst