The unique character and composition of Crosland Hill Yorkstone gives the mineral a hardness and durability that has made it synonymous with quality paving and landscaping projects across the UK.

Predominantly buff with naturally occurring veining together with high slip resistance and strength, Crosland Hill Yorkstone is one of the most versatile natural stones available, its technical capabilities are renown throughout the industry and it has traditionally been used as paving for pedestrian and trafficked areas for many years.

A clear advantage of Crosland Hill Yorkstone is its ability to connect both internal and external areas. From interior features to external façade and landscaped areas such as courtyards, atriums and gardens including anti-slip paving, walling and benches, few natural stone types can successfully provide an aesthetically cohesive solution across this multitude of areas.

Many townscapes, commercial projects and residential properties have been enhanced with Crosland Hill Yorkstone paving from Johnsons Wellfield. The result is a continued and enduring legacy for future generations.

Johnsons Wellfield manufacture paving in a variety of finishes including:

Diamond Sawn

The most widely available primary sawn finish for external paving. A fine sawn smooth flat surface is produced by using fast cutting diamond tipped blades to cut the stone which may on occasion contain visible saw marks on a proportion of the surface finish.
Tests conducted under MOT road research laboratory guidelines report an excellent skid resistance value.

Shot Sawn

An attractive randomly striated finish is created by dragging abrasive cast iron particles through the stone with corrugated steel blades. This traditional cutting technique was widespread prior to the introduction of diamond tipped blades in the 1940s.

An added bonus to visual appeal is an exceptional skid resistance.

Fine Rubbed

The fine sawn smooth flat surface is produced by using diamond tipped blades to cut the stone, after which any visible saw marks on the surface are removed during an additional high speed abrasion and polishing process.

This fine surface finish is often specified for internal paving or flooring.

Other paving and landscaping products available from Johnsons Wellfield, are:

Yorkstone Setts

Available in a variety of sizes and finishes including diamond sawn, shot sawn, split face and tumbled. Sawn to specific sizes or split edged and random sizes.

Steps, Copings, Tactile and Corduroy Pavings & Feature Stone Work

Significant investment in the latest robot technology and computer aided design manufacturing control systems complement the traditional diamond and shot sawn cutting processes to provide ultimate flexibility in product manufacture ensuring the availability of specified stone features such as plain, bullnosed or circular steps and copings, to name but a few, for use in landscaping and pedestrianised schemes.