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Crosland Hill Hard Yorkstone

Crosland Hill Natural Hard Yorkstone is a millstone grit series sandstone dating from the Carboniferous age.

A superior true Yorkstone from the heart of Yorkshire, medium to coarse grained and extremely hard and durable, the predominantly light buff Yorkstone is aesthetically appealing with naturally occurring veining and colour variations which are enhanced by general weathering as the stone matures.

Crosland Hill Yorkstone is one of the most versatile natural stones available, its technical capabilities are renown throughout the industry, the unique character and composition gives the mineral a hardness and durability that has made it synonymous with quality building and landscaping projects across the UK.

Stone types currently available are:

Please Note
Images are characteristic of the stone colour and are for example purposes only. Naturally occurring variations within the mineral and subsequent production processes mean we are unable to guarantee a perfect replication.
We always advise that prior to considering the use of Crosland Hill Yorkstone for any project, a stone sample should be obtained, followed by viewing of a larger range panel at our production facility.

Please speak to one of our team members to request a sample or to arrange a viewing.