The unique character and composition of Crosland Hill Yorkstone gives the mineral a hardness and durability that has made it synonymous with quality landscaping projects across the UK.

Johnsons Wellfield are experts in precision factory manufactured products for even the most prestigious project, yet can also supply product for on-site adaptation by ground workers and landscaping professionals.

A clear advantage of Crosland Hill Yorkstone is its ability to connect both internal and external areas. From interior features and walling to external façade and landscaped areas such as courtyards, atriums and gardens including anti-slip paving, walling and benches, few natural stone types can successfully provide an aesthetically cohesive solution across this multitude of areas.

Many townscapes, commercial projects and residential properties have been enhanced with Crosland Hill Yorkstone products from Johnsons Wellfield. The result is a continued and enduring legacy for future generations.

Crosland Hill Yorkstone combines hardness and durability to present an ideal composition for the majority of hard landscaping requirements.
Whether the preference is for factory machined precision or onsite adaptation, Johnsons Wellfield stone provides a peerless result.