Johnsons Wellfield’s quarry extraction site currently covers an impressive 250 acres of West Yorkshire hillside.

Prior to quarry works commencing, extensive tests are conducted to ascertain the location and quality of the potential reserves. Overburden is removed from the quarry surface to reveal the Ashlar beds that provide the raw material ‘block’ which is subsequently processed into finished masonry and paving products.

The block is systematically extracted from the quarry face by a specialist team utilising an extensive fleet of excavation vehicles. No explosives are used in the extraction process.

Once removed from the quarry, block is coded to identify its exact location of extraction and graded to ensure maximum benefit is made from all mineral processing activities.

A total of 4000 tonnes of raw material are held in stock at any one time awaiting processing to customer requirements.

After extraction is complete, with the assistance of nature, a comprehensive reinstatement process ensures that land is returned to its previous condition and use.

Johnsons Wellfield’s extraction activities provide the raw materials required for processing into the high quality range of finished products supplied to construction projects nationwide.

The level of reserves at Crosland Hill is extensive but clearly matched in scale by Johnsons Wellfield’s commitment to sustainable activities.