Part of a designer’s role is to translate a client’s brief and convert space into form using their imagination as a creative tool. A completed design may often be a reflection of the client’s personality and an indicator of the designer’s ability to innovate. The incredible versatility of Crosland Hill Yorkstone enables it to be one of very few materials able to be utilised in even the most modern design whilst retaining a foothold in the architectural past.

The manufacturing facilities available at Johnsons Wellfield mean that stone can be produced as load-bearing blocks or columns, or alternatively as a modern ashlar cladding system. Steel frame structures can be enhanced with Crosland Hill Yorkstone to create a more robust appearance and as a cost-effective alternative to composite materials, aluminium or glass.

Natural stone is indeed a traditional material which has become highly contemporary. From interior walls and floors to exterior detailing, landscaping and even sculpture and bespoke features, Crosland Hill Yorkstone can flow through a total scheme effortlessly integrating interior and exterior spaces, delivering aesthetics without compromising on practicalities.

The stone reserves and manufacturing facilities at Crosland Hill are of a scale sufficient to support even the largest commercial projects for generations to come.

With a track record stretching back to 1854, Johnsons Wellfield can demonstrate the capacity to deliver as well as the attention to detail that every project demands and deserves.