Natural stone can demonstrate an illustrious heritage via its use in the construction of numerous national and international landmarks and still enjoys the position of being a premier building material.

Contemporary extraction and processing methods now provide new avenues to use this traditional material to accentuate the air of permanence and solidity of a structure in the way that only natural stone masonry can.

High compressive strength and renowned durability combined with traditional appearance make Crosland Hill Yorkstone a natural choice for applications where technical specification and exceptional aesthetics are equally important.

Johnsons Wellfield has an enviable track record and proud history in the supply of product to significant national treasures such as the British National Maritime and Victoria & Albert Museums. Whatever the building project or location, the finished result can only be enhanced through the inclusion of Crosland Hill Yorkstone.

Where technical performance is paramount, Crosland Hill Yorkstone delivers.

Not only do Johnsons Wellfield products excel in appearance, they also offer a prestige solution where longevity and physical suitability for purpose are key specification criteria.