Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility


As responsible stone extractors and processors, Johnsons Wellfield fully engages with the principles of sustainability and ensures that industry best practices are embraced in its operations. By proactively implementing industry leading initiatives, the various demands of customers, legislative policy and social requirements can be complied with in full.

Johnsons Wellfield operates a modern hi-tech and safe working environment as evidenced by the numerous awards received including the Sir Frank Davies Trophy for overall ‘Outstanding Excellence in Health and Safety’ from the Mineral Products Association.

Whilst stone processing operations can be thought of as naturally resource intensive due to the nature of the activities involved, Johnsons Wellfield operates mitigating processes including an efficient water recycling plant that is in the order of 97% self-sufficient and includes a rainwater harvesting system. The factory is heated by a biomass heater using shredded waste timber from the company’s waste transfer station.

As good neighbour operators, Johnsons Wellfield is actively engaged in dialogue with residents in the areas surrounding extraction and processing sites. The results of recent and ongoing land reclamations bear testament to the success of this policy of inclusion.


Johnsons Wellfield is an industry leader in its approach to Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability. Great emphasis is placed on the health, safety and welfare of employees and on endeavouring to be a good neighbour at all times.

Extensive resources are committed to the reclamation and
restoration of mineral extraction areas once reserves have been
exhausted and the company is proactive in securing future mineral
extraction rights to ensure continuity of supply and to safeguard
local employment opportunities.