Whilst the product requirements and the size & scale of a construction project can vary considerably, Johnsons Wellfield’s approach to every potential contract remains consistent. From project inception to building completion, Johnsons Wellfield’s dedicated team are committed to ensuring an exceptional client experience.

Crosland Hill Yorkstone is one of the most versatile natural stone products available and its technical capabilities are renown throughout the industry. Johnsons Wellfield’s technical experts are able to offer advice across the total spectrum of opportunities presented by this multifaceted material.

Following initial discussions, the team at Johnsons Wellfield are adept at converting outline requirements into complete specifications detailing product features and installation requirements. Relevant advice is also provided on key areas such as test data, for example the material’s technical requirements such as porosity, ability to withstand saturation of water, level of water absorption, density, weight, strength – flexural and compressive, slip-resistance for paving and even reaction to acid immersion.

The complete service includes provision of appropriate drawings plus technical information, quotation information and, reassuringly, the support process continues until the final piece of stone is installed and the project is officially signed-off.


Crosland Hill Yorkstone offers specifiers a unique combination of versatility, aesthetic contribution and bespoke solution support.

No matter what the project, the team at Johnsons Wellfield have an enviable track record of creating and supporting specifications – stretching back to 1854.