Based at the Crosland Hill extraction site, Johnsons Wellfield
operates one of the country’s best equipped and most highly
sophisticated stone working plants.

Significant recent investment in the latest robot technology and
computer aided design manufacturing control systems complement
the traditional diamond and shot-sawn cutting processes to provide
ultimate flexibility in product manufacture.

This hi-tech manufacturing environment offers designers the freedom
to see imaginative and innovative proposals being transformed into an almost limitless product range.

The retention and development of traditional masonry skills allows
Johnsons Wellfield to maintain a team of craftsmen unparalleled
within the dimensional stone industry. Each completed component
passing through the works is subjected to numerous inspections and
assessments to not only ensure that the most efficient manufacturing
technique has been employed but also that the highest quality of
finished product is achieved.


Johnsons Wellfield’s technical team are experts in balancing form, function and aesthetics providing the ability to engineer solutions to even the most demanding project regardless of size and complexity. Premium quality building materials are crafted using a combination of the latest robot technology and traditional masonry skills.